Small-animal endoscopy/laparoscopy is less complicated than you’d expect, and infinitely more rewarding.

Single port endoscopy/laparascopy. Countless medical benefits.

  • Less invasive means less tearing of the body wall. This leads to less pain, a lower risk of bleeding, fewer complications, and often a faster recovery for your patients.
  • And, since all Biovision suites come with a minimum of 8 hours of hands-on diagnostic and surgical training, you can master lap procedures with confidence in just 1 day and use the technology on your patients the next day.
  • Deliver tremendous value to your clients and your practice.
  • Pet owners appreciate and gladly pay for single-port endoscopy/laparascopy benefits.

Offer this advanced standard and reap the rewards.



EndoDiagnostic + Surgical Suite (EDSS)

From general video otoscopy to advanced endoscopy/laparoscopy, the EDSS scales nicely to cover many clinical needs for rigid endoscopy. Not only do you get proven tools, but you also get proven techniques to make this exciting modality a part of daily practice.


EDSS Mobility

Need EDSS functionality on the road? EDSS Mobility packs the full complement of surgical instrumentation into two rolling cases.

Dr. Jim Houchens of Arvada Veterinary Hospital and a variety of veterinary professionals explain the benefits of endoscopic/laparoscopic procedures for animals and their owners.


Dr. Raymond Cox (Deer Creek Animal Hospital, Littleton, CO) reviews the benefits of laparoscopic assisted cryptorchidectomy, then covers the potential complications and provides related risk management guidance. The video provides strong evidence that laparoscopic assisted cryptorchidectomy is a very practical surgery for the general practitioner.