Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, LLC’s mission is simple. We exist to enable veterinary professionals and animal scientists to perform procedures that:

  • Increase quality of care — Biovision was the first to make single-port laparoscopic veterinary procedures a reality, as well as the first to enable veterinary micro-arthroscopy, endoscopy, and needleoscopy with a visualization tool the size of an 18-gauge needle. Our tools have increased the quality of care by enabling minimally invasive procedures that result in fewer incisions, less pain, less risk of infection, and faster recovery.
  • Expand their practice’s or their organization’s capabilities — Biovision technology lets veterinary professionals “go where no one has gone before” — into smaller joints and organs than ever — and “see what no one has seen” — with high-resolution, true-color images instead of the often indistinct pictures provided by x-ray, ultrasound, and other imaging techniques. This opens up direct endoscopic/arthroscopic imaging as a potential source of practice-building referrals and revenue. In addition, it sets the practice or organization apart from its competitors.
  • Provide rapid return on investment — Biovision has compiled compelling figures demonstrating the ROI of selected procedures made possible with Biovision equipment and training. As just one example: a multi-vet practice operating in a single location in a suburb south of Denver, CO purchased Biovision’s EndoDiagnostic + Surgical Suite (EDSS):
    • By the end of the first year, they had more than recouped the cost of their investment.
    • By the end of the fifth year, the practice’s return on investment was greater than 700%.
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