Equipment Information – EDSS Mobility

EndoDiagnostic + Surgical Suite Mobility

Designed with your Clinical Practice in Mind

Biovision’s EndoDiagnostic + Surgical Suite® (EDSS) Mobility is an innovative system that combines all of the features needed for diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical procedures into a comprehensive, ultra-portable package for your clinical practice. The suite offers great versatility and simplicity. It can be used for simple diagnostic otoscopy as well as full laparoscopic procedures such as liver biopsies and laparoscopic-assisted prophylactic gastropexies. We have also taken great measures to make our systems simple to set up and operate. These systems represent a maximum of functionality with a minimum of fuss. Also included in the package is a full day of hands-on, on-site training by one of our partner veterinarians. This allows you to be up and running quickly, which means you’re quickly seeing revenue from your investment.

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Click the image below for a printable PDF overview of Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy’s EndoDiagnostic + Surgical Mobility Suite, including a list of all suite contents.

Step-by-step setup guide for Biovision's HD EDSS Mobility Suite

Step-by-step assembly instructions for Biovision's optional POC (Point of Care) Patient Care Cart

This video demonstrates the correct method of sleeving Biovision's camera for laparoscopic procedures.

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