Huge Capabilities in an Ultra-Compact System

SMALL ANIMAL: Elbow — Hip — Knee — Shoulder
LARGE ANIMAL: Carpus — Coffin — Fetlock — Hock — Navicular Bursa — Shoulder — Stifle — and More

The Biovision 1.2mm NeedleView® system is a breakthrough technology that offers a visualization tool the size of an 18-gauge needle! With the needleoscopy modality, you can perform diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopic procedures that bring a “value added element” to your equine/large animal or small/companion animal practice. The system combines several essential surgical and diagnostic features into a single compact and portable all-digital visualization platform.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Learn – You don’t necessarily need to be a surgeon to be able to use the NeedleView Arthroscope Suite effectively. You do need to be comfortable with joint anatomy and know how to be in a joint without damaging cartilage; this can be taught in a wetlab or weekend workshop. But the actual technique is easily taught if you’re in joints frequently (for example, using PRP, stem cells, IRAP, or other therapeutic agents).
  • Minimally Invasive – At 1.2mm, the NeedleView scope is the size of an 18-gauge needle. You can scope with just a local block and sedation. If you don’t have a surgery room or ventilator, NeedleView opens up a way to diagnose cases in a treatment room, trailer, or wash rack.
  • Meaningful Information – NeedleView helps you give clients the information they need to make good decisions about how to proceed with their animal. It helps you know what paths to consider. For example, if the animal has been treated with biologic agents or regenerative therapies and doesn’t seem to be responding, NeedleView lets you easily take a look to see what’s going on. NeedleView can also help you give the owner the information and options – for example, to proceed with surgery, debride to speed healing, or – if the injury is too severe, particularly with working or sport horses – to choose the right next step.

Updated: 2023-03-31

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