It’s Profitable and Better Business – Needleoscopy (Small Animal)

You’re skeptical. We get it. And it’s okay.

There’s a lot of hype out there. It seems everyone is trying to persuade you to buy this or invest in that. You’re wise to take the time to look deeper and require solid evidence before committing your hard-earned dollars. You’re the kind of customer we like best. That’s because we have plenty to share about the value of making Biovision’s NeedleView™ Arthroscope Suite a part of your practice.

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Conservative ROI Estimation

  • 2 procedures per month
  • $300-$500/procedure from diagnostic first looks
  • Additional $250-$300/procedure from post-treatment, confirmatory second looks
  • Income from therapy and/or surgery from your own clients or referrals

ROI Example

  • 93% Year One cash-on-cash return
  • Assumptions:
    • 5-year loan
    • 6% simple interest
    • 35% marginal U.S. tax rate
    • Use of Section 179 deduction (U.S. only)

Calculate the ROI for Yourself

Case Scenarios

  • Case 1 — Diagnostic
    • 5 year-old female canine presents with stiffness and other symptoms of arthritis
    • X-ray and CT inconclusive — suspect fragmented medial coronoid process
  • Case 2 — Therapeutic
    • 9 year-old male canine presents with lameness, periarticular enlargement, joint effusion, loss of range of motion, and pain, laxity, and crepitus upon joint manipulation
    • X-ray and arthrocentesis reveal loss of and degraded quality of synovial fluid

NeedleView™ represents a new service offering for your practice.

Because the scope is micro-invasive, you can access joints, organs, and cavities you never could before…opening up a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

NeedleView™ helps you educate your clients and lets them track with your clinical reasoning and recommendations.

When your clients can see exactly what you saw in your examination, their innate trust — and their compliance — naturally increase. And since NeedleView™ images are in full color and high resolution, your clients will intuitively “get” what you show them in a way they rarely can with images from x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI.

NeedleView™ sets your practice apart from your competitors.

Without doubt, there’s a “wow factor” associated with Biovision’s NeedleView™ arthroscope technology. Not only will your clients and prospective clients perceive your practice as progressive and innovative, they will appreciate how NeedleView™ benefits their animal — less pain, less risk of infection, and faster recovery, just to name a few.