At Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, we build our suites around five flagship products:


  • HD Camera
    • High definition
    • Integrated C-mount optical connector connects to any industry-standard endoscope with an ocular eyepiece and light post
    • Touch-activated system controls
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  • NeedleView Camera
    • CCD camera
    • Built-in solid state LED light source
    • Touch-activated system controls
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  • NeedleView™ Digital Visualization System
    • Ultra-compact and more portable
    • Intelligent 10.1” all-digital visualization platform
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  • SurgAssist Insufflator and Electrosurgical Generator
  • SurgView™ High Definition LED Imaging System


We also offer a variety of quality, innovative accessory products. These accessories are specifically designed for, but not limited to, use with the SurgView, NeedleView, and SurgAssist products.

  • Arthroscopes — rigid conventional scopes (1.9mm O.D. – 4.0mm O.D.), including related cannulas and obturators
  • Endoscopes — rigid endoscopes and accessories (for laparoscopy; cystoscopy/urethroscopy; otoscopy)