Enhanced Performance that
Works with Your Current Equipment!

As a Biovision customer, you already know the clinical value and versatility of Biovision’s ultra-portable EndoDiagnostic+Surgical Suite (EDSS).

Now, the system you depend on for minimally-invasive surgery and diagnostics — biopsy, cryptorchid, cystoscopy, foreign body, OVE/OVHE, prophylactic gastropexy, thoracoscopy, and more — is better than ever:

  • HD camera for better visualization/imaging
  • Brighter-than-ever illumination
  • Bigger, better monitor with built-in, enhanced image capture software

The upgraded components in the next-generation EDSS
work seamlessly with your existing SurgAssist
(insufflator and electrosurgical generator).

When you upgrade and also retain your original components, you instantly gain ways to expand your practice’s capabilities.

  • For instance, you can move your original SurgView and camera to a treatment/exam room and use it for video otoscopy. Video otoscopy is surprisingly profitable (see this video for details). It is also an easy, quick, value-add service you can offer when you have a booth presence at community events.
  • If you currently offer orthopedic services, you can add a NeedleView™ camera and 18-gauge NeedleView™ scope to your original SurgView to perform joint diagnostics and take pre-op looks to determine whether your patient needs surgery or a biologic joint injection. The NeedleView™ modality enables you to perform better lameness diagnosis, which leads to better patient outcome and higher owner compliance with surgery or biologics. A captured video or picture from the NeedleView 18-gauge scope is much easier for clients to understand than flat, fuzzy, black-and-white images from radiography. Practices that want to take this approach to capabilities expansion can save $2,000 for a limited time on a first-come, first-serve basis on their purchase of a NeedleView™ camera and NeedleView™ scope.
  • Finally, you can always retain your original components to serve as a backup system. This approach allows you to continue to provide minimally-invasive procedures if anything needs to be repaired on your other system.

Customers who purchased the original EDSS can now upgrade to the next-generation system for enhanced performance at significant savings. The EDSS Upgrade Package includes:

  • New next-generation SurgView
  • HD camera with fiber optic cable
  • 21″ LCD touch-screen monitor with enhanced Media Capture software
  • Monitor arm

Contact Biovision at 303-225-0960 for pricing
to upgrade to the Next-Generation EDSS and/or
to add a NeedleView™ Camera and NeedleView™ scope. 

Components in Upgrade to Next-Generation EDSS