Estimating Conservatively

  • 2 procedures per month
  • $300-$500/procedure from diagnostic first looks
  • Additional $250-$300/procedure from post-treatment, confirmatory second looks
  • Income from therapy and/or surgery from your own clients or referrals

Case Scenarios

  • Case 1 — Diagnostic
    • 5 year-old female canine presents with stiffness and other symptoms of arthritis
    • X-ray and CT inconclusive — suspect fragmented medial coronoid process
  • Case 2 — Therapeutic
    • 9 year-old male canine presents with lameness, periarticular enlargement, joint effusion, loss of range of motion, and pain, laxity, and crepitus upon joint manipulation
    • X-ray and arthrocentesis reveal loss of and degraded quality of synovial fluid

ROI Example

  • 99% Year One cash-on-cash return
  • Assumptions:
    • 5-year loan
    • 6% simple interest
    • 35% marginal U.S. tax rate
    • Use of Section 179 deduction (U.S. only)

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biovision needleview arthroscope suite small companion animal return on investment calculation 2019

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