The SurgAssist™ Insufflator/Electrosurgical Generator system integrates two essential diagnostic and surgical needs into a single package. This comprehensive system requires a minimum of valuable operating-room space while adding increased functionality to your clinical practice.

  • INSUFFLATION SYSTEM — The insufflator is specifically designed to fulfill all of the requirements for laparoscopic CO2 insufflation. The SurgAssist™ offers all the essential functions necessary for minimally invasive surgical procedures with Biovision’s signature “ease of use.” Key features include:
    • Over- and Under-Pressure Audible Indication: SurgAssist™ senses and notifies you when a critical pressure condition is present by producing an audible alarm.
    • Patient Pressure Selection: SurgAssist™ lets you select the desired operating patient pressure.
    • Manual and Auto-Fill Mode: SurgAssist™ gives you the ability to manually or automatically deliver CO2 to the patient.
  • ELECTROSURGICAL GENERATOR — The electrosurgical generator is specifically designed for cutting and coagulating using high frequency RF currents. The SurgAssist™ electrosurgical generator offers all the essential functions for everyday clinical practice with Biovision’s signature “ease of use.” Key features include:
    • Power Adjustment: Customize the desired power level setting for each animal and procedure.
    • Foot-Switch Activation: The foot-switch pedal allows you to activate the electrosurgical generator to cut or coagulate using a foot motion.

Part No. BVT01165-01001