Huge Benefits in a Tiny Package

The SurgView™ Xenon Imaging System combines three essential diagnostic and surgical requirements into a single package adding tremendous value to your clinical practice. Benefits of this feature-rich portable, comprehensive system include:

  • Outstanding Illumination and True-to-Life Color — By employing state of the art power supply technology, our proprietary 135-watt xenon arc lamp, which incorporates a patented enhanced reflector, delivers 300-watt illumination performance, providing outstanding image quality.
  • Simple Single-Cable Design — The SurgView™ camera is a high-resolution 480-line digital camera utilizing a universal C-mount optical connector that adapts to a wide variety of surgical endoscopes. Our system incorporates a proprietary single cable design, eliminating the complexity and cost of the old dual cable system approach.
  • High Resolution for Clear Detail Recognition — A high-resolution 6.4-inch LCD monitor combines the performances of the xenon light source and high-resolution camera system with our unique integrated single cable system to deliver a brilliant, high-resolution video image for clear detail recognition.

Key System Features:

  • Fiber Optic Tip Cooling Design — Maintains a low temperature at the input end of the fiber optic cable, which extends the cable’s lifetime.
  • Universal C-Mount Camera Connector and Fiber Optic Cable — Permits the use of conventional rigid and some flexible endoscopes.
  • Multiple Video Output Capability — Integrated 6.4-inch LCD display; NTSC video output to drive an external monitor); S-Video and composite output (to drive a video recorder); and the ability to output video to our virtual reality digital video glasses. These multiple video outputs can all be operated simultaneously.
  • Virtual Reality Video Glasses (optional) — Special connector to power and feed digital video glasses. In situations where high ambient light is present, the video glasses provide a controlled viewing environment shown to be highly desirable in reducing eye and neck strain during laparoscopic procedures.
  • Image Capture and Storage — At any time during a procedure, you can capture and store a high-resolution digital still image or a video to a hard drive via a USB connection or to an inexpensive removable compact flash card. Our image capture system is capable of tagging audio to the video or digital still images on demand. This capability is especially useful for documenting medical procedures and allows you to provide a more detailed and accurate record that includes time- and date-stamped pictures.

SurgView™ Xenon Imaging System

Virtual reality eyewear (optional) for use with SurgView™ Xenon Imaging System