System Components and Accessories

At Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, we build suites around five flagship products. We also recognize that no two practices or hospitals have the exact same needs when it comes to minimally-invasive surgical and diagnostic procedures for their patients. And some practices already have some equipment on hand and only need a few accessories or components to round out their capabilities. That’s why equipment from Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy is always available on a per-piece basis. We like to say, “Use what you have, add what you need, and build from ground up if that’s right for you.” Scroll to view our complete line of components and accessories.

HD Camera
  • High definition
  • Integrated C-mount optical connector connects to any industry-standard endoscope with an ocular eyepiece and light post
  • Touch-activated system controls

High Definition (HD) Camera

NeedleView® Camera
  • CCD camera
  • Built-in solid state LED light source
  • Touch-activated system controls

NeedleView Camera -- CCD Camera with Built-in Solid State LED Light Source

NeedleView® Digital Visualization System
  • Ultra-compact and more portable
  • Intelligent 10.1" all-digital visualization platform

NeedleView System Lights Image

SurgAssist® Insufflator and Electrosurgical Generator
    • Insufflator
      • Over- and under-pressure indicator
      • Patient pressure selection
    • Electrosurgical generator
      • Power adjustment
      • Footswitch activation

SurgView High Definition LED Imaging System

    • HD resolution
    • All-digital touch screen system
    • Built-in MediaCapture USB
    • Brighter-than-ever illumination
    • More powerful, useful, and versatile

Our full lineup of accessory products includes…

Arthroscopes — rigid conventional

Arthroscopes - semi-rigid needle scopes (1.2mm O.D.)

Camera Couplers

Cameras — HD and NeedleView cameras


Endoscopes — rigid operating

Flexible NeedleView Scopes

Hand Instruments

Laparoscopy Trocars

Mobile Case (Endo./Arthro. Suites)

Mobile Case (NeedleView Arthro Suite)

Optional NeedleView System accessories

Point of care cart

Sterile Sleeves and Tray

Surgical positioning table (TippyTable™)

CO2 Insufflation Hose

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