Biovision NeedleView Camera and Scopes Now Deployable with Vetel’s Metron Image Software

Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy and Vetel Diagnostics are excited to announce as of October 2019 that Biovision’s NeedleView® camera and scopes for arthroscopy are fully deployable for use with Vetel’s exclusive image acquisition and picture archiving communication system (PACS) software, Metron.

Veterinarians need quality products that are efficient in operation and seamlessly integrate into their practices. That is why Vetel and Biovision are working together to provide technological solutions that meet the current and projected needs of today’s veterinarians.

Vetel has been an industry innovator for 20 years, selling diagnostic modalities such as digital radiography, ultrasound, thermal imaging and endoscopy products. Vetel’s Metron software allows for the entirety of a veterinarian’s imaging library to be easily accessed via a centralized PACS database. The inclusion of Biovision’s NeedleView® camera and arthroscopes allows for Metron to be an all-inclusive, one stop shop for image acquisition, processing and storage.

John Small, CEO of Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy LLC, remarked, “We are excited to enable Vetel’s Metron™ software users the ability to add our 18-gauge NeedleView® arthroscope technology to their tool set to perform micro-arthroscopic and sinoscopic diagnostic procedures along with some biologic visual injections. This value-added element will definitely enhance [Vetel’s] service offering.”

Dr. James Waldsmith, president of Vetel, is looking forward to the new opportunities that customers will have with this development. “We are thrilled with the addition of the Biovision line to our product offering,” Waldsmith said. “The integration brings our Metron users a fantastic value in their ability to grow their practices in adding arthroscopy and sinoscopy services.”

About Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy LLC and Vetel Diagnostics

Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy LLC provides veterinary practitioners with quality, innovative products that are cost effective and enable better patient care. Biovision’s product line is composed of technologically advanced, ultra-portable systems and accessories tailored for cutting-edge visualization applications. For more information about Biovision, visit the home page.

Born from the need to bring quality and value to veterinary diagnostics, Vetel maintains a perpetual drive to harness the digital world for the veterinarian. Combining the state of the art in imaging technology with the Metron™ AI enhanced software platform, and dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support, Vetel delivers simplicity, reliability and precision to the daily lives of the veterinary practitioner. For more information about Vetel, visit its website.


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