Next-Generation Suites Are Ready to Ship!

From Biovision’s Views Newsletter, Issue 1, Q1 2016

When Biovision introduced the EndoDiagnostic+Surgical Suite (EDSS) in 2003, it was a game-changer, giving veterinarians a way to perform highly profitable procedures such as spays, cryptorchid neuters, biopsies, and more through a single port and with faster recovery and less pain, stress, and scarring for their patients.

When the NeedleView Arthroscope Suite debuted in 2011, it revolutionized joint diagnostics, allowing many procedures to be performed without general anesthesia and its attendant risks.

We are thrilled to announce that following extensive development and refinement, the next-generation EDSS and NeedleView suites are ready to ship!

Both suites have:

  • Improved cameras that allow you to see in greater detail (HD camera in the EDSS; CCD camera in the NeedleView);
  • Brighter-than-ever illumination so you can see more, period (xenon arc in the EDSS; LED in the NeedleView); and
  • Intelligent LCD touch screens with integrated media capture that allow you to enter patient data, capture still and video images, and generate comprehensive visit reports (LCD monitor in the EDSS; 10.1” terminal in the NeedleView).

“WOW! The detail and HD resolution are outstanding and the colour is more saturated. The illumination is also much brighter.” — Paul Hodges, DVM (Toronto, ON), long-time EDSS owner who recently purchased the next-generation EDSS

Pricing remains extremely competitive, even in light of the suites’ enhanced capabilities – which means ROI remains high, as well. Existing customers may be eligible for trade-in discounts or special upgrade pricing (call to inquire).

Contact Biovision directly at 303-225-0960 or stop by the Biovision booth at any upcoming conference.

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